5 Items You Should Remove from Your Wardrobe Right Now


If your closet seems to be overflowing, then it’s time to declutter. It might be a bit emotional to throw stuff away, but you could donate them and enjoy cleaning out your closet and doing a good deed at the same time.

Torn between what should stay and what should go? We’ve got you covered!


These furry, bulky boots were once trendy, but not anymore. Why would you get attached to something that UGGly? It is not flattering at all to wear a shapeless boot. Throw them out now, please.


Can you imagine how horrible they look? Wait, you don’t need to imagine because they are right there in your closet! They are rubbery, squeaky and never match any outfit -not even your PJs. Why not create new memories with something a little less horrendous?

Wrong-Sized Jeans

Don’t say you have mom jeans when what you actually have are jeans that don’t fit you anymore. They are not baggy, they are not oversized and they are not boyfriend jeans, so it is time to give them up to someone else. Buy jeans that fit and flatter your body.

Velour Tracksuits

If you don’t have a body like J Lo’s, then don’t even think about owning one of those tracksuits. They are shiny, stretchy and slouchy; dragging attention to all the wrong parts of your body.

Sporty Sunglasses

Why? Why would you buy such a hideous thing? If you ever see a pair of neon green sunglasses, you need to run for cover. You're better off investing in a modern pair that will give you the edge you need.

We all have that one item that we think is too precious to get rid of, but sometimes memories are just memories; we don’t need a physical thing to remember them. It’s always better to give these items to someone who will better appreciate them, so they can create their own memories with them.

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