5 Fun Outings That'll Drag You Out of Your Comfort Zone

Each group of friends has had to face the question of “what are we going to do today?” at some point -and the same go-to café is always the answer, every time. However, you find yourself sick of that café and even sick of your friends at some point in the outing, and if you take a look around you’ll find that everyone is bored out of their minds.

You even often get the crazy idea of “let’s travel together!” but that never happens. So, rather than thinking of the impossible, this list will provide you with adventurous outings that are both fun and feasible. Fear no more, you can try out one of the places on this list today -in fact, try a different one each week or month and get out of your comfort zone!

1- The Battlefield Egypt, Fifth Settlement

This one is for those of you who like action! The Battlefield is the perfect destination for those who dream of holding a gun -granted, it’s a fake one, but still with the same amount of adrenaline. Battlefield is a three-mission game where your friends split into two groups and wage war against each other. Each person has their own gun and with each person they take down, it’s a total point for the team. So, in a nutshell, each person is accounted for in the sense of number of kills and number of times killed, and the group with the most points emerges victorious. The place itself is quite impressive; the rooms in which the missions take place are illuminated with red lights and the setting itself makes you feel as though you are in an actual battlefield. With lots of running, sneaking around, and extremely loud music, you are promised a good time!

2- Adrenalin Park, 6th of October

It’s time for you to target your friends! Adrenalin Park has the biggest paintball field in the Middle East and it is definitely worth a visit. Your friends are split into two groups and it’s war time again, but this time, you shoot down your enemies with paintballs. The game has three scenarios and you get to choose the one you like. The fields themselves are filled with sand, cars, walls, wires and very shallow trenches. In each phase, the teams have a mission and the team that achieves the mission first is the winner. You eliminate your enemies by firing paintballs at them (ouch!), but don’t worry; it doesn’t hurt so much; you have good gear on you and there’s a referee that doesn’t allow anyone to shoot from really short distances so that you don’t heavily bruise. At Adrenalin Park, get ready to feel the thrill and take your revenge on whoever you want!

3- Sherlocked Egypt, Dokki

For those who like solving mysteries, Sherlocked is an escape room but with a little extra spice; it offers escape rooms with a horror theme. You read that right! You are given the option to choose between different horror movie themes and then… Let the Games Begin. This place guarantees you a true horror experience to the point where the place is literally not responsible for anything that happens you. Once you enter the room, you’d better latch on to something or someone, because you will be frightened to death and the goal is that under the pressure of this horrific experience you need to solve the mysteries in the room to be able to leave the room and enter another one. Let’s see how your brain can handle a challenge under this adrenaline rush!

4- Airzone, Fifth Settlement

This is a place that will take you back to your childhood. Airzone is the largest Trampoline Park in Egypt and there’s no doubt that your youth will be revived in this place -because you can’t help but feel like a carefree child when you’re jumping around. You can reserve the entire place for your group of friends. The trampoline park is split into several parts, a part where you can play basketball, another where you can play dodgeball, a pit full of cushioned squares that you and your friends will love to dive into, and, finally, a huge space for you freestylers out there who like to do handstands, cartwheels and other great stunts. This is not just a place for kids, it’s a place where you can act like one.

5- Yellow Umbrella, Maadi

For those of you who would just like to chill somewhere other than your usual café, Yellow Umbrella is the place for you. The place is on a rooftop and often hosts new bands to provide you with some entertainment while you enjoy the open-air space with your friends. As for those of you who like to deafen your friends with your wonderful voices (who doesn’t?), there are karaoke and lip sync nights. They also host movie nights and TV marathons in general. In fact, every once in a while they have a Friends marathon -could they BE any cooler? Finally, the place hosts nights exclusively for doodling -which we know artists will love. One thing is for sure: Yellow Umbrella offers something for everyone!

Instead of sitting around with your friends looking for new topics to talk about, encounter new experiences and make new memories. Sometimes we do not have enough resources to do things like travel around, but it’s not the end of the world; you can still have fun with your friends while you’re in Cairo. With this list, there’s no way you won’t experience something new, exhilarating and fun -all within your reach!

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