5 Desserts That Will Rock Your World This Ramadan


Ramadan is a great time to get creative with food, and a large part of that creativity goes into making euphoric desserts that pose the question: “Why has this not existed in my life before now?”

Egypt’s restaurants have finally unveiled some of their most interesting and creative Ramadan desserts, so try these five inventions and your sweet tooth will thank you!

1. Lotus Konafa and Cream

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Nola has revealed a broad variety of Ramadan delicacies this year, and this one definitely stood out among the rest. If you haven’t tried lotus biscuits before, then drop everything you’re doing and head to Nola now!

2. Slab Hammer Box

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House of Cocoa never ceases to surprise every Ramadan, and this year is no exception. The Slab Hammer Box features an assortment of nuts and dried fruit in a bed of chocolate, which you can break with an actual hammer. How cool is that?

3. Cronafa

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Is it a kunafa croissant? Croissant konafa? We assume it’s the latter, but either way both options are delicious. TBS offers this dessert in four mouthwatering flavors at the moment, but perhaps they’ll surprise us with more during Ramadan.

4. Oreo & Lotus Konafa

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La Poire has been around way before anyone else on this list, and they have made a name for themselves in the world of desserts not just in Ramadan, but all year round. This year they bring us an oreo and lotus kunafa that can win the approval of even the pickiest of foodies.

5. Ramadan Bites

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Keeping up with the trend of ‘Ramadanizing’ western desserts, Cinnabon now offers a box of 30 bite-sized cinnamon rolls with six varieties of toppings, including dates! Ideal for gifting or snacking on when you’re watching your favorite Ramadan show.

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