5 Animated Series Made Just for Adults


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Animation has been a children’s genre for the longest time; most of us spent a good amount of time in front of Tom & Jerry or Bugs Bunny when we were younger. This is no longer the case, thanks to these five animated series that will transform you back to your cartoon-watching days.

1. Family Guy

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First airing in 1999, the show is now in its 16th season, having survived two cancellations. It follows the Griffin Family who live in the seemingly boring town of Quahog in Rhode Island. The goofy storyline follows the different members of this family, from the moronic father down to the genius toddler, who are often up to some bizarre and inappropriate things.

2. Archer

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This animated series is about to start its ninth season, with one more season to go before the series ends, according to creator Adam Reed. The show follows a small group of highly skilled and highly incompetent secret agents, always one step too late to save the day, and seemingly uninterested in success and unburdened by failure. The dialogue and the story line get richer as you wade through the seasons, so you’ll only get more hooked with time.

3. The Boondocks

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This show follows a strict yet spineless grandfather who takes care of his two grandsons: a revolutionary 10 year old who is akin to Malcolm X and Che Guevara, and his eight year old brother who is a product of modern day rap culture. The two brothers cannot seem to keep out of trouble, and to make things weirder, they keep running into ‘Uncle Ruckus,’ a blind, racist African-American man who believes he is white.

4. F is for Family

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Stand-up comedian Bill Burr voices the show’s title character, Frank Murphy, who is a miserable airport employee with a wife and two kids. The show is set in the 70’s, so a lot of the humor is based on cultural differences between that time and the present. Let’s just say that if you have a tendency towards the politically incorrect, this show is for you.

5. Rick and Morty

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This show has gained a lot of attention in recent times due to its unusual premise; venturing into taboo subjects and challenging the minds of its viewers with theoretical science. It follows a crazy sociopathic scientist (Rick), who appears after being missing for twenty years on the doorstep of his daughter’s home. He befriends his grandson (Morty) and they go on the strangest adventures, into other dimensions, dreams and much more, often at great expense to Morty and his self-esteem.

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