4 South Sinai Destinations Hidden in Plain Sight


South Sinai is home to some of the best beaches in Egypt, and arguably the world. While they are not as lavish and luxurious as beaches in other countries, they provide a variety of species that are sure to make your snorkeling or diving experience worth the long drive. But South Sinai is not just beaches –there is so much more to explore!

1. Laguna, Dahab

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For those of you uninterested in the noise and prosthetic ambiance provided by Sharm el Sheikh, Dahab is the perfect place to unwind and just chill. While there are those who prefer to hang out in a place with shisha and food service, the Laguna is the perfect place to be as independent as possible in Dahab. It is a prime spot for wind and kite surfing, and it’s only a five minute drive away from all the essential places.

2. Baba Ali, Dahab

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After spending a sunny day at the Laguna, you are probably ready to eat. While you could frequent one of Dahab’s many authentic ethnic restaurants, Baba Ali provides a sense of adventure in every meal. Located near the lighthouse, the cuisine in this little shack is a surprise –literally. You call Baba Ali up early in the day and all you have to do is book the number of people going, and when you arrive he starts serving you, you don’t order. While that may sound scary for some, his excellent take on Mediterranean dishes paired with your curiosity during the entire meal makes for a very satisfying experience.

3. Asian Restaurant, Nuweiba

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Just under an hour away from Dahab is Nuweiba, which stretches all along the Red Sea. Hidden in the coastal city is an Asian restaurant that has been run by a married couple for the past 22 years. The cuisine there is excellent, so whether you order Korean Kim Chi or Japanese Sashimi, you are definitely in for a treat.

4. Habiba Farm & Eco-Lodge, Nuweiba

Image from Habiba Organic Farm

This little slice of paradise is a prime example of what is called Eco-Tourism. The place is built on the idea of food security and self-sustainability. Some residents stay there for months on end, working on the organic farm or teaching children at the learning centre. This sub-society that exists in the tiny city of Nuweiba is sure to instil hope into your heart and passion into your work.

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