20 Knots: Simplicity in Ras Sudr


Last weekend we decided go to the beach in order to escape the heat and get access to some much-needed sea water. Because we didn’t want to go somewhere too far and we were only going away for the weekend, we settled on Ras Sudr.

We looked online and found a reasonably priced camp (reasonable in terms of Ras Sudr; it is way more expensive than places like Dahab or Nuweiba) called 20 Knots.

The place offers bungalows for three and four people at 300 EGP a night including breakfast (which, again, can probably cover around three nights in Dahab). Nonetheless, we decided to go for it and find out what this place is like.

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Upon arriving, it was not what we had expected of Ras Sudr; the rooms were plain with only a bed and a fan present. This is not necessarily a bad thing; it’s just that when you hear 300 pounds you expect a private bathroom, maybe.

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Run by a group of twenty somethings, the simplicity of the place is endearing; it’s a great way to unwind if you’re not into the hustle and bustle that you find in other camps in the area. The service is great and the food was above average in terms of quality and taste.

20 Knots is a dog-friendly place, so if you have a dog you should definitely bring it along to roam around and stretch its legs. It is unfortunately very close to the road though, so if your dog isn’t reliable enough to stay inside the camp then maybe keep an eye out for it.

While it seems to be overpriced given what you get, it is probably one of the cheaper and friendlier camps in Ras Sudr; their wide beach is prime for swimming, hanging around, and kite surfing as well - so there’s something for everyone. If you are in the mood for a simplistic getaway and you don’t have enough time to go further into South Sinai, then 20 Knots is definitely the place to go.

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