18 Unforgettable Fashion Moments from Eugenie Nights


The irresistible charm of Eugenie Nights made it one of the most watched TV series this Ramadan. There aren’t enough reasons why everyone loves it, but one in particular is the show’s commitment to show us outfits that are stylish, creative and simply drop-dead-gorgeous. These 18 fashion moments were unrivaled this year, and we can’t wait to see more stylish looks next Ramadan!

Kariman rocked this green dress at dinner and showed us how the right accessories can completely change an outfit.

Sophia’s lace dress made us want to run out and buy one immediately!

Aida turned heads in this masterpiece.

Another one of Kariman’s amazing dresses - who wouldn’t want to peek into her closet?

Royal blue for a dress worthy of the Royal wedding!

Aida always looks drop-dead-gorgeous, even in black.

Magda proves age is just a number with this sleek and chic ensemble.

Nabila wearing a blood-red dress matching her lipstick - this is definitely an outfit women will want to recreate!

The daring use of colors speaks for itself.

Sara looked like royalty in this feminine dress, tiara and all!

Aida’s outfit is the very definition of chic.

This is literally what it means to dress to impress.

Pastels never looked so good!

One accessory can change everything, can’t it?

Look at those colors - the show’s designer certainly has an eye for detail!

Galila singing in style and showing us that elegance is still very much alive.

You can’t go wrong with red - or florals, apparently.

This tux makes him the only guy worthy to be on this list!

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