10 simple acts of kindness you could do on a daily basis

Make one child happy

You know those bowls of chocolate some of us have at home or the candy stock your mom buys every month? Take one or two and give them to the first child you meet. It’ll certainly make their day. Remember not everyone is blessed with a similar bowl at home.

Give water to the thirsty

The weather is getting hotter by the day. Take one or two bottles of water or juice with you every morning and give them to anyone in need.

Don't throw away food

Everyday, as soon as you finish your meals, put all that is left in a plate and give it to the underprivileged. Just remember to arrange the food nicely in a disposable plate, it’ll make them even happier.

Help your parents

We all have work and busy schedules and we’re all trying to make it in this big world; yet, making time for your parents is a must after all, you’re who you are because of them!

Don't forget about animals

If you have food leftovers that are appropriate for animals, remember them while distributing the food. Most stray animals suffer from hunger. You could also place a container with water, everyday, in front of your house and office, for them to drink. This will come in handy, as the weather is getting hotter.

Call a relative

In this busy life we’re all leading, one might lose contact with their loved ones, unintentionally. Pick up your phone and call your great aunt, or any of your relatives, whom you’ve known nothing about for quite some time.

Compliment someone

You don’t have to compliment them on something huge, it can be as simple as the new haircut your co-worker got, or the diet your boss is working on. It will definitely show the you care.


It may seem useless to you, but smiling to others can really change their days. You could be even nicer, and say hello to a passerby or “Good job” to someone working on the streets.

Feed the birds

Get any empty jar cover you have and fill it with wheat seeds or bread leftovers for birds to eat. You could compliment it with another empty cover filled with water.

Water a plant

Plants all over the streets of Cairo are forgotten and die slowly. Water them; they are beings and they deserve care too.

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