10 Cute Ways to Style Overalls

Like most 90’s fashion crazes, overalls are having a moment. They’ve become one of the hottest fads this summer and their versatility will make for a great transition into your fall wardrobe.

Initially, the return of this trend confused many; most people thought overalls were just jeans with a little extra denim and were clueless as to how they could possibly be chic. However, if worn right, overalls can completely transform your closet.

Overalls are comfy, convenient, and can be adapted to anyone’s personal look. They can be dressed up or down, and are the perfect go-to when you’re stumped for an outfit. You’ll never run out of looks with this timeless piece!

1. Cuffed and Cropped

Short overalls are a classic. This look will leave you nostalgic for your childhood and will make you feel comfortable and look cute at the same time. These are perfect for the beach, especially when paired with sunglasses and a shady sun hat.

2. Tomboy Tony

Coupling up some overalls with a pullover and some sneakers can surprisingly create a complete look. It’s effortless and easy, and with the size of those pockets, you won’t even need a purse!

3. Corduroys

Don’t feel like denim? Switch it up with corduroy. A change in material can offer you a completely new style and a literal change in feel when wearing overalls.

4. Patterns

Something as simple as putting a skirt and a pattern on overalls can make them look like an entirely different article of clothing. If you want to stay casual but still dress up, a statement piece like this is exactly what you’re looking for.

5. Pinafore

Cute, simple, and elegant. Put on a pair of sneakers and a simple tee for a casual look, or pair them with heels and a leather jacket for a night time look. Pinafore overalls have a simplicity to them that allow you to style around them as you like without confining you to a certain style.

6. Flannel

This modern take on the lumberjack look is the epitome of laid-back. This easygoing ensemble is by far the easiest to assemble. Get yourself a pair of overalls and pair it with the token flannel and your outfit is complete.

7. Floral

If you’re looking for a softer, girlier look, a floral print can do just the trick. A floral print can turn the sometimes rugged style of overalls into an entirely different look by giving it a feminine flair.

8. Denim on Denim

When one 90’s trend combines with another. This denim on denim harmony is incredibly easy to put together, yet provides you with a fully realized look. Pair these with some heels and a matching clutch and you’ll look like you spent way more time getting ready then you actually did.

9. Stripes

The dark wash of the overalls gives it a less casual look without costing you any comfort. Match it with a dark striped shirt, a leather jacket and booties to accomplish the easiest street chic look you’ll ever wear.

10. Monochrome

Going monochrome is best executed in either white or black. With some heels and a statement accessory, you’ll stand out at any social event without having to break the bank.

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