10 Artists to Listen to When You Need to Relax


Music is one of those things you can’t completely comprehend; whether it’s the way different genres affect people or why it affects them. Away from the world of rock and techno, there are musicians who aim to create a mental getaway for their listeners. If you need to take a break from the daily grind, sit back and let your soul take a breather with these 10 soothing artists.

1. Boy & Bear

Image from Scenewave

This Australian indie rock-folk band has a lot to offer; from a more contemplative feel with songs like ‘A Moment’s Grace’ to songs that are more fun and upbeat like ‘End of The Line.’ Regardless of the song you choose to listen to, this band’s music will help you melt your tension away.

2. Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros

Image from KRUI Radio

Even if you say you don’t know these guys, you probably do. They penned the famous ‘Home’ which has become one of the most recognizable songs of the last few years. Although they have three albums out, listen to their second one titled Here and let the relaxing tunes take you on a mental vacation.

3. Iron & Wine

Image from YouTube

So the name doesn’t actually refer to a band; it’s actually the stage name of a singer and songwriter named Sam Beam. His voice - accompanied by the melodies he plays - creates a calm, chilled ambiance. Check out ‘Naked As We Came’ and ‘Claim Your Ghosts.’

4. The Tallest Man on Earth

Image from Wikipedia

Yet another man who goes by a stage name, this Swedish five-foot-eight man is a lot of fun to listen to. The timbre of his voice is unique and his lyrical abilities create epic stories of the most bizarre adventures. Check out the album The Wild Hunt to see what he’s all about.

5. William Fitzsimmons

Image from YouTube

The youngest of two siblings born to two blind parents, Fitzsimmons is perhaps one of the few artists who can almost put you to sleep with his voice. While he is mainly a folk musician, he does dabble in electronic elements in some of his music. You might have heard some of his songs, such as ‘Passion Play’ or ‘Please Don’t Go,’ on an episode of Grey’s Anatomy.

6. Johnny Flynn

Image from YouTube

This South-African born British musician is perhaps one of the most versatile and unique artists on the list. The harmonies he uses in songs like ‘Amazon Love’ and ‘The Water’ will blow your mind, and he also does a bit of acting - talk about talent!

7. Caamp

Image from Backdrop Magazine

These two childhood friends have brought back the basics; they appear on stages as Caamp but off stage they’re Evan (who plays the Banjo) and Taylor (who plays the guitar). They’re still growing as musicians so you might not find that many songs by them, but they are definitely worth listening to. Check out ‘Misty’ and ‘Iffy’ to get a sense of the music they play.

8. Low Roar

Image from Clash Magazine

A confusing band in its origin story, Low Roar was founded by Ryan Karazija after he moved from California to Iceland with his family. The band has two studio albums out now, as well as an EP. ‘I’ll Keep Coming’ is a cinematic song that you might want to listen to when you want a boost in your imagination, while ‘Dreamer’ you could hear in bed and fall asleep with a wide grin on your face.

9. Ben Howard

Image from Steve Gerrard Photography

This English singer and songwriter has some very interesting song arrangements and lyrical choices that speak to his honesty. Check out ‘Old Pine’ if you want to get a taste of who he is. He is now also part of a band called A Blaze of Feather in case you want to check out their music as well.

10. Sufjan Stevens

Image from YouTube

An American singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, this man has everything ready for you. He’s got an electronic album, a lo-fi folk album, symphonic instrumentation, and more. We recommend you read more about him because he’s really interesting. This year he was nominated for an Academy Award for best original song ‘Mystery of Love’ for the film Call Me by Your Name.

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