An Idiot’s Guide to Couchsurfing

Couchsurfing drastically lowers the expense of your trip by removing accommodation costs, while giving you the chance to make friends and bond with the locals you meet, which can help you experience your destination on a deeper level.

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6 Budget-Friendly Honeymoon Destinations

Don’t give up though; these six beautiful destinations will help you enjoy a romantic getaway without going broke.

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7 Destinations to Visit This Eid (Other Than the North Coast)

What better way to spend your Eid vacation than by chilling out by the beach?

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20 Knots: Simplicity in Ras Sudr

Here's what we thought of our trip to 20 Knots camp in Ras Sidr

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6 Unusual Holidays and Festivals from Around the World

If you're looking for a little weird to add to your trip abroad, here are our 6 suggestions

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4 South Sinai Destinations Hidden in Plain Sight

We often visit the same places and miss a lot due to routine or what we've heard. If you want to experience travelling to Sinai in a different way, here's how you can start.

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