Is Real Madrid’s Winning Streak Over for Good

What caused this dramatic deterioration? Was it Zidane’s departure or Ronaldo’s? Or was it both?

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Why We Should All Support Mohamed Salah in His Battle Against the EFA

After being put on blast for ignoring all requests from a world class player, who will soon be on a plane to attend the UEFA player of the year awards after his nomination, the EFA is still refusing to take any responsibility for its actions and is instead looking for cheap ways to once again wiggle its way out of a mess.

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Alisson Becker: Liverpool’s Money Well Spent

truth be told, if it wasn’t for Alisson Becker’s exceptional performance, Liverpool might not have won the match at all.

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Juventus is Already Making Millions after Signing Cristiano Ronaldo

After rumors of his transfer to Juventus surfaced, the Italian club started to feel the Ronaldo effect almost instantly, with a 25 percent rise in their shares just a week before the transfer was made official.

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Small Country, Big Dream: How Croatia Made it to the World Cup Finals

Despite their problems at home, the Croatian national team was 100 percent committed to gaining worldwide recognition and respect.

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