Juventus is Already Making Millions after Signing Cristiano Ronaldo

After rumors of his transfer to Juventus surfaced, the Italian club started to feel the Ronaldo effect almost instantly, with a 25 percent rise in their shares just a week before the transfer was made official.

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Small Country, Big Dream: How Croatia Made it to the World Cup Finals

Despite their problems at home, the Croatian national team was 100 percent committed to gaining worldwide recognition and respect.

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An Idiot’s Guide to the History of the World Cup

The global championship has been around for so long and has a rich history every football fan should know about.

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The 7 Funniest Reactions to the Mohamed Salah Image Rights Scandal

The Vodafone, Salah, WE scandal has garnered some funny reactions.

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The Egyptian King: Mohamed Salah’s Rise in Football

Recently named player of the year Mohamad Salah has had a accomplished journey towards the recognition of his talent.

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Urban Fight Night: Promoting Egypt’s Fighters

One of the most exciting nights in contact sports in Egypt is back for a third time

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