Ralph’s German Bakery: A European Breakfast Experience

This week we decided to pay more attention to morning people and search for the perfect spot for breakfast, brunch, and midday snacks, so we decided to try out Ralph’s German Bakery.

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Allora Gelateria: Italian Gelato for Your Sweet Tooth

Next time you’re feeling too hot, stop by Allora Gelateria in Street 9, Maadi to get a taste of some delicious gelato flavors.

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سويفل : بديل المواصلات بأسعار معقولة

و فعز ما كنت بدور على مخرج من الأزمة دي لاقت ابلكيشن عبقرية اسمها سوفل

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Swvl: A Comfortable Ride that Won’t Break the Bank

while I was looking for a way around all this, I stumbled upon this genius app called Swvl.

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7 Romantic Movies You Should Watch at Least Once

Throughout the years Hollywood has presented us with fascinating love stories that touched our hearts, and these seven would be perfect for your next movie night!

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The Kissing Booth: Your Favorite Young Adult Movie This Year

Elle and and Noah are attracted to each other, but Elle is caught between her love for Noah and her friendship with Lee.

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