O’s Pasta: Your New Go-To Pasta Place

Having the food directly cooked in front of us also guaranteed its quality and freshness.

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Cereal & Flakes: The Perfect Place for Cereal Lovers

people who love cereal are ready to eat it anytime, anywhere.

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Footloose Egypt: A Little Too Loose?

Unfortunately, I cannot say that everything went according to plan.

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Andrea New Giza: The Perfect Place for Dining on Top of Cairo

When the sun started to set, we sat back in our chairs as our plates were being cleared and started observing the view while drinking tea; it had been a pleasurable evening.

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Oreo Ice Cream: Different Shapes, Different Tastes

Depending on how you like your Oreo cookies, you can choose your favorite ice cream accordingly.

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Ralph’s German Bakery: A European Breakfast Experience

This week we decided to pay more attention to morning people and search for the perfect spot for breakfast, brunch, and midday snacks, so we decided to try out Ralph’s German Bakery.

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