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An Idiot’s Guide to Climate Change

Climate Change seems to be the hottest topic of the century, and it is one of the most serious threats our planet is currently facing.

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How Taymour and Shafika Portrayed the Reality of Egyptian Relationships 11 Years Ago

One of my favorite things about rewatching movies is the fact that I always notice new details and messages that I had previously missed. I sometimes even discover that I was missing like half the plot.

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An Idiot’s Guide to Veganism

Find out more about going vegan !

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Hereditary: Just Another Horror Movie

Although horror movies have never been my cup of tea, I decided to see the movie anyway.

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An Idiot’s Guide to Democracy

The quality of a democracy is measured based on a number of principles, so no country can be considered completely democratic; it is a spectrum rather than an absolute term.

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Why I Decided to Completely Change My Career

Today’s world is filled with options and you can always choose to change what you’re doing with your life.

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