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Your Smartphone Could Be Making You Sick

Until now, smartphones have been accused of many things, but are they really damaging our brains?

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How Knowing My Personality Type Changed My Life

It gets really fun with time to find out that what you thought to be wrong with you is actually completely right!

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An Idiot’s Guide to Sustainable Fashion

How are our clothes made? Who makes them and what are they made from? How do they affect the environment?

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Qarboush :Echos of Naguib Mahfouz

Cartolano explained that upon rereading the trilogy, he felt that Mahfouz’s words described our reality today.

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Plus Size Swimsuits: The Struggle Is Real

Even though it’s my favorite time of the year it always makes me anxious! It’s not hard to guess why; I am a plus size girl living in Egypt and it’s beach time!

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The Freshman Dilemma

My personal favorite of these struggles is this question: “What major should I study?”

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