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Why We Should Support Low Budget Cinema

In the past few years, artistic cinema has been struggling to survive the strong wave of mainstream high-budget movies.

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Cairokee’s Latest Video is Exactly What We Need Right Now

One of the fundamental purposes of art is to bring humankind’s unspoken struggles to the surface, and Cairokee never fails to do that.

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What You Need to Know Before Heading Off to College

So you’re done with high school and heading to college this semester, congratulations! You have the right to remain excited, but beware because college is not at all what you think it is.

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What We Can Learn from Van Gogh

I said to myself: “Van Gogh was great, I wish he could hear me right now.” I started researching his life and I must admit I learned an important lesson about mental illness.

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The Unspoken Rules of Being a ‘Real Man’

Whether we’re talking about our culture or that of another country, it seems that the word ‘man’ carries a lot of hidden messages in it; as if it’s a badge that males can only earn after they’ve met certain qualifications.

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