Demi Lovato Speaks Out After Drug Overdose

Singer and actress Demi Lovato spoke for the first time since her admittance to the hospital due to a suspected drug overdose two weeks ago.

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Here’s What You Need to Know About Tomorrow’s Lunar Eclipse

On 27 July 2018, we will witness the longest lunar eclipse of the century; and the good news is that you can observe it from Cairo!

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HEPCA and Local Divers Clean Magawish Island

On Monday 23 July the Hurghada Environment Protection and Conservation Association (HEPCA) organized a campaign to clean up Magawish Island in Hurghada, Egypt.

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Parliament Passes Bill to Grant Egyptian Nationality in Exchange for 7 Million EGP Deposit

The bill did not get overwhelming support; with many MPs arguing that the Egyptian nationality should not be “for sale.”

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Animal Activists Face Violence in Rehab City

They stopped at a shop called Animal Park Pets Clinic notorious for keeping animals without food and water in 40-degree weather!

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American Embassy to Open in Jerusalem, 37 Palestinians Killed in Protests

The latest on Israeli-Palestinian relations after the decision to open an American embassy in Jerusalem

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