Tom Ford: Making Strides in Fashion, Film and Beyond

This man has conquered all that he has set his eyes on from fashion to film

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Tinariwen: The Music World’s True Rebels

Find out more about the grassroots voice of music's literal rebels

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The Weed Experiment: The Effects of Legalizing Marijuana

What are the consequences of legalizing Cannabis?

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New Documentary Sheds Light on Anti-Harassment Ad Campaign in Egypt

The content of the film is now more relevant than ever with the emergence of the global #MeToo hashtag about sexual harassment.

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The Grievances of Egypt’s Sister State: Syrian Refugees in Egypt

2011, the year of the Arab Spring, caused the region to witness its fair share of both sorrows and victories.

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“Dad Buys Toys, But Mom Does Everything”: Egypt’s Triumphant Female Breadwinners Tell Their Stories

The United Nations has described the case of Egypt as the highest increasing percentage of female breadwinners in the world. While a variety of reasons come into play as to why this phenomenon is increasing so rapidly, women’s education is seen as a major catalyst.

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