Fork and Knife to Compete in El Gouna Film Festival

The El Gouna Film Festival has announced that the short movie ‘Fork and Knife’ (originally called ‘Shoka w Sekeena’) will compete in the festival’s Short Films Competition.

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Remarkable Arabic Feminist Movies You Should See

Over the years, Arab filmmakers have been telling us stories about women who can’t speak up for themselves.

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Celebrities and Artists We Lost to Suicide

Most people who are susceptible to suicidal thoughts may seem happy on the outside, but that’s not always the case; and these talented celebrities we lost to suicide are proof of that.

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5 أفلام مكنتش تعرف ان نجيب محفوظ كتبهم!

بجانب رواياته الأدبية و قصصه القصيرة محفوظ كان كاتب سيناريو ممتاز و ساب بصمة فى السينما المصرية. و دول خمس افلام مكنتش تعرف ان هو الى كتبهم.

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5 Movies You Didn’t Know Were Written by Naguib Mahfouz

Mahfouz was a script writer and left an impact on Egyptian cinemas; here are five movies you probably didn’t know were written by him.

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