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Khaled Anwar: Meet Egypt’s Up and Coming TV Star

A conversation with Khaled Anwar, Egypt's newest acting sensation

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Visions Cairo Short Film Festival: A Glimpse into the Future of Egyptian Filmmaking

We attended one night of Visions Cairo Short Film Festival and the future of Egyptian cinema looks promising

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One Four Five: Raising the Bar for Musicians in Egypt

If you're into blues and rock and roll then The One Four Five have you covered

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You Were Never Really Here: Violent and Humanistic

Joaquin Phoenix's new film is more than just about vengeance and blood. It is about trauma, the innocence of childhood and the daemons we face everyday.

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The Golden Theatre hosts El Shorouk Book Club

The event took plaice on Sunday April 1st at 12:00pm at The Golden Theatre new premises at Dandy Mega Mall.

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5 Must-Watch Documentaries About the Struggles of Artists

5 documentaries that go in depth in artists' lives and show us not only who they are but why they are the way they are.

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