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An Idiot’s Guide to Jazz

In those words lie the story of Jazz; the art that revolutionized Western music and changed the music industry forever.

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9 Dystopian Novels You Should Read At Least Once

Dystopian literature remains one of the most popular genres until today. If you’re curious about the world of dystopia, these nine novels are a great place to start!

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Swan Lake: The Ballet That Lives Forever

Swan Lake is the ‘it’ show; its story is impactful that we see new movie and book adaptations of it every year.

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7 Places That Show Independent Movies in Egypt

There are many small budget movies that come out every year, so check out these seven places in Egypt if you’d like to expand your horizons!

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The Cannes Film Festival: Women in Film Take A Stand

Women take a stand for inequalities they face at Cannes Film Festival this year

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5 Underground Egyptian Bands You Need to Check Out

5 band to look out for if you want to see some incredible performances

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