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The Grievances of Egypt’s Sister State: Syrian Refugees in Egypt

2011, the year of the Arab Spring, caused the region to witness its fair share of both sorrows and victories.

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8 Natural Tricks That Ease Period Pain

Many women dread their time of the month because of the unbearable pain they have to go through.

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9 Natural Pain Killers That Can Substitute Meds

Whenever someone is in pain, they tend to take the easy way out and go for painkillers.

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Mashrou El Saada: Painting People’s Lives With Love

After painting houses for the past three years in Heisa island, Nubia, Mashrou El Saada is now working on a new campaign, with a mission to revive the island using color therapy.

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Dear Egyptian Mothers, the Fate of the Country’s Future Men is in Your Hands

Naturally, this change raises a question: who’s supposed to care for the home and children now?

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